Time And Attendance Made Easy

TimeSourcePlus simplifies time tracking so you can process payroll seamlessly with GetPayroll!

Our Workforce Management Suite combines digital timekeeping and advanced scheduling

to enable a strategic approach to running your organization.

Manage Time, Track Attendance, And Be Compliant!

Cloud-based time and attendance that eliminates spread sheets, auto calculates time card, and streamlines your payroll processing with GetPayroll

Staff can punch in/out, self-manage their time cards, monitor their schedules, and even request time off from their mobile phone. Supervisors/Admins can efficiently manage time cards and PTO requests from any mobile device as well.

Scheduling that will help you fill shifts with the most qualified staff members. Easily swap shifts. Robust compliance features. Copy and paste templates. Mobile app friendly.  

Get The Time Keeping Solution Created For Businesses Just Like You

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Utilizing our Workforce Management Suite, you control labor costs, gain insight into labor management, improve compliance and empower your employees.

We offer 3 important elements.

5-star Customer Support

Our support is offered as long as you are a client. Our implementation is seamless and timely. We can customize our services to your needs. 


Create enhanced reporting. Archive data. Can build OT rules. Auto calculates time cards. Can help with specific state rules regarding employees' time worked.  

User-friendly interface

Features for the employee, supervisor, and admins, time card approval process, employee self-service portal, request time off, mobile application, scheduling, tracking and more. Import timekeeping data into GetPayroll payroll software. 

7 Features That Will Help You Succeed

  • Accurately track and record employees’ hours worked. Eliminate calculation errors, improve accuracy and avoid compliance risks.
  • Instant access, approval process and ease of use for management, supervisor, and employee.
  • Enhanced Reporting–this data can be used for proof of compliance, trends, and strategic planning of labor costs.
  • Mobility–the mobile application allows employees to be remote.
  • Contract Management–the ability to track hours on jobs, projects, grants, tasks, by location and department as well.
  • Create schedules and plan workforce efficiently. 
  • Streamline payroll processing with GetPayroll. 

Why wait?

Our solutions simplify timekeeping for employers, supervisors and employees.

  • Get trained in minutes
  • Go live in days.
  • Start tracking actual hours.
  • Control your labor costs.
  • Streamline timekeeping and payroll.
  • Empower your employees.